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ColorwayArt is a new way of exploring art for interior designers and especially for the hospitality industry. Sometimes it seems as if art has been the lonely stepchild, an afterthought in hotel room design. Usually it is something innocuous and bland, non-offensive and frankly, inexpensive. People who travel and use hotels choose personal art as a statement of their outlook on life, how they visualize their perceptions of reality and their personal mission statement. Hotels should do the same.

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The opportunity to present art in the room and the other spaces of the hotel must emphasize and repeat this concept of hospitality at its core. The guest is coming to the home of the hotel, and all aspects of this homecoming should be to make the guest feel welcome. Not with innocuous and ambiguous (let’s not offend anyone) stuff on the walls, but with welcoming images that reinforce the viewpoint of hospitality and the context that the hotel has to offer.

Images that reflect the location of the hotel: if it is an urban space, choose images that reflect the urbanism of the city location. Rural hotels have the opportunity to reflect the context and to inform the guest of the wonderful surroundings. Coastal and spa or resort locations are to promote relaxation.
Add in the brand identification for the hotel, and you have a prime opportunity to provide an expanded experience for the guest: ColorwayArt. The designer can continue the expanded brand awareness by providing some pieces for the guest to purchase, or by providing other accessories, such as scarves or pillows based on the art, through the hotel website or gift shop, reflecting their experience and taking the experience home (to remember their visit). Key cards and post cards reinforce the visual imaging as well.

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ColorwayArt works with the designer’s theme and color scheme to develop individual art that is site, project and budget specific. Just like fabric, carpet, paint and furniture, ColorwayArt can be customized for specific needs for color, size, and theme. All are variable to meet project needs. We work with you from the beginning to help surround your guest with a prime visual experience reflecting your unique hospitality point of view. New printing techniques keep costs competitive.
ColorwayArt has developed a number of themes ready for production and can modify any of them for the needs of your project. We also develop unique images. In this website are examples of some of our work.

We are continually working on new images, so keep checking out our web site for new work and additional color ways. We are also working on the development of wallpaper and fabrics based on our images. Substantial quantity discounts are available.
Contact Leslie Tillmann to discuss how we can help you! Leslie@ColorwayArt.com
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